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Services of Permanent Visas and Temporary Work Visas

imageOur company acts in several modalities of temporary and permanent visas for foreigners interested in going to Brazil, as well as for Brazilian and multinational corporations that need to hire foreign labor.

Our expertise allows us to legalize the foreigner and provide assistance to the Brazilian and multinational corporations in the following visa modalities:

Temporary Work Visa with Employment Contract

Visa valid for, at most, 2 years with employment relationship, being able to be changed to Permanent Visa;

Technical Visa

Visa valid for 1 year without employment relationship, suitable for technical activities with possibility of being extended;

Visa for Professional Training

Visa valid for 1 year in order to have a visa to perform only in a professional training by companies from the same economical group.

Permanent Visa for Foreigner Investor

Visa intended for foreigner interested in organizing a company or obtaining equity interest in Brazil.

Permanent Visa for Officers and Managers

Visa intended for foreigner that will be transferred to Brazil with the purpose of Managing the Brazilian company, being appointed with management powers.

Mercosul Agreement

Visa intended for the national foreigners of countries that are part of MERCOSUL.

Artists Visa

Visa granted to foreigners who will attend shows and concerts.

In addition to the abovementioned Visas, we also perform in other modalities. Check with our team other job´s that we perform.


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